FedEC welcome

Welcome on the FedEC webpage

FedEC, the Federation of Energy Consultants, is the Dutch association of Energy Engineering professionals. The association serves the collective interests of its members, promotes professional practice and aims to raise the prestige of the profession. 

In 2014, FedEC was commissioned by the Ministry of Interior to develop and maintain the Quality Assurance system for the Dutch EPBD-labeling system.

Since 2013, FedEC issues a Certificate of Acknowledgement  developed in concordance with paragraph 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive. Acknowledged members demonstrably meet strict requirements of in dependence, consultancy skills and professional expertise in Industrial Energy Use, Sustainable Energy, Build Environment or Energy Procurement .

1.FedEC Certificate of Acknowledgement

FedEC, the Dutch association of energy consultants, issues a certificate which ensures the professional quality of the holder. This FedEC “acknowledgement”  is awarded to members who demonstrably meet strict requirements of professional knowledge, consultancy skills and, notably, independance.

The acknowledgement procedure was developed in concordance with the European Energy Efficiency Guideline.

The certificate is intended to ensure to third parties that the consultant’s professional qualities have been assessed and confirmed by an objective party. The acknowledgement procedure incorporates a peer review of the consultant’s education as well as an external audit to assess the consultant’s professional track record and independence.

The acknowledgement is restricted to one or more of five areas of expertise:

  1. Energy in simple built environment
  2. Energy analysis in industrial processes and complex buildings
  3. Energy management
  4. Energy contracting
  5. Energy labeling cf. EBPD

FedEC acknowledgement is personal and cannot be transferred.

2. The procedure

Following a formal application, the applicant’s academic record (to be supported with diploma’s, certificates etc.)  is compared with a register of standard education demands. To become FedEC acknowledged, the candidate must have a formal training in energy and egineering, preferably at MSc or PhD level, or at bachelor level with additional training. In addition, the applicant should supply a list of references. An external auditor checks the references by personal approach. In the final phase of the application the entire procedure is evaluated by a Council of Energy Experts with long experience in technical consultancy, the academic world and in public legislature. Their advice is submitted to the FedEC Board, which issues the final certificate of acknowledgement.